Saturday, 17 January 2015

Students First

Students First.

I once had an administrator ask me "why do you do what you do?"  It was a powerful question that I've used to guide my learning and teaching ever since.  I wrote down a statement on the front of my day planner that has been my mantra ever since: IT'S ABOUT THEM.  This leads into my curiosity about TTOG.  My current thinking and knowledge tells me that when I show my kids that I value what they know and what I know they are capable of then I'm telling them that they matter. They matter more than the end of the task or unit. That I value their learning so much that I want them to continue to learn, search and discover long after the task is over - the learning is more important than the task.  I am excited to think more deeply about what grades really mean and what really drives learning forward. As a kindergarten educator, I know that the foundations we set in the early years impact the attitudes and learning of students onwards and look forwarding to exploring TTOG in this particular context. 

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  1. Love it Becky! We need to place more emphasis on the process not the product.