Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A new mindset

I have been teaching for over a decade and thought I had a good understanding of assessment. This year I was given the challenge of teaching grade 4 (after 11 years in primary) and felt like I was starting over again. Not being able to rely on a filing cabinet full of resources I decided to jump in to the inquiry process with both feet. During an inquiry session that I attended at BIT14 I heard that we need to shift our mindset from making our students' learning fit into the curriculum to making the curriculum fit in with the students' learning.  This statement made so much sense to me and has made such a difference in level of engagement and understanding of my students. This new way of learning demands a new way of assessing, but what does that look like?


  1. Hopefully we can work towards an answer to this on Friday. TTOG work fits in nicely with inquiry learning since there is such a focus on process and feedback. This will be a hot topic with our inquiry group, I'm sure.

    1. I agree! Inquiry learning offers is a great opportunity to revisit assessment practices. With evolving technology tools to support us, it is becoming much easier to record evidence of the learning process!